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Aleksandar Cajic realsched.exe is a CPU hog. The realsched.exe process that belongs to RealPlayer is a safe process and is not a security threat. very annoying mid combat. Kill it.

If I want the program to play, I'll double-click it. Hope they go bankrupt. The main function of this process is to schedule automatic updates for RealPlayer. Someone nothing, except my computer was useless for 4 days till I figured it out.

It's in the Task Manager Because it's doing something! Generates pop-ups, not RealPlayer related though. Finally, press Apply to save the changes and click OK to exit the dialog box.

Do you want someone else to know. I'm voting with my feet. Kill process then delete the entry from the registry! Craig using cpu at startup Norman uses 100% of my CPU (XP, 866-Pentium3).

Kryztoph a nuisance at best and a backdoor at worst Realplayer 00 % cpu 189 kb speicher StarFleet I run older machines (P2s & P3s) and I notice that while it's It is the RealNetworks Scheduler, used for playing sound and video files on a Windows system. Not required - see here for more information, including how to disable it File Location Unknown This entry has been requested 11,092 times. Farah uninstalled real player to make it go away.

i need answers! Real player??? GR33DY I shut it down with justshed and lvcoms everytime I login vocatude just stop message center checking and auto update, do not need to edit registry Guil Comes from realplayer HP and Compaq owners from 2001-2003 may have it bundled.

ShellShock Any background program that can transfer useage info to somewhere else is potentially threatening. Then the CPU-meter kicked in top and it was realsched.exe that caused it. A lot of spyware files are named "realsched.exe" to try and trick you into thinking that it's part of realplayer. Pain in the butt.

File Information The default path of realsched.exe is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe. Spyware destroyer You can be disable it under "Tools- Preferences- Automatic Services"; just disable anything, especially under "Configure Message Center". camo i think itīs not good and i take it away! But it is NOT a security risk.

We have limited access rights to tamper with our networ and had to call in the technicians to get rid of it from the startup menu. Can disable this through the System Configuration Utility - "msconfig.exe" on windows XP systems or through Realplayer's preferences or through the registry. Then search through your registry for 2 locations of "realsched" (Type "regedit" after clicking on run in your Start Menu): The first will be a "(Default)" key, modify the key and Gary Just disable it.

See also: Link DevNull this is not getting deleted...dangerous only kishore it sucks like eveyething does with real hellie i'ts like virus?then it is virus Tomek Installed with Real One Player vitaplena it causes system hogged to really slowed down eating my internet speed darkangel Considering realshed.exe isn't a malware yet. I disabled it through msconfig (go to run, type msconfig, hit enter, go to startup tab, uncheck realsched) Shade Has installed itself four times on my PC and is impossible to

And lastly, open you "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\" delete "realsced.exe" On my athlon 2400+, caused 100% cpu usage just for that process when it was running radchilies There doesn't seem to be

Too bad Real doesn't offer a resolve for this issue TW This file will prevent the deletion of a folder after running Lance It is not dangerous Guest annoying since i Unistalling now - and looking for an alternative to play these files -BP- it's a realOne file. Always remember to perform periodic backups, or at least to set restore points. Removed it immediately after finishing what I had to do, Get rid of it!!!

Security Task Manager Windows Processes Security Task Manager What is realsched.exe? Thanks Real! Added by a variant of the LOVGATE WORM! using 98% of my cpu on win98 Jon Turn off the Message Center checking and Auto update will stop it.

It's in the Task Manager Because it's doing something! Hope they go bankrupt. Oh, and if I try to listen without doing that, it jacks my internet connection. The file size is 295,512bytes.

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