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Quattro Pro 10-Recalculate By Formula


Notice the brief description that appears under the list box. Moving Around in Quattro Pro Here is how to move around in the sheet/notebook: Tab one cell to the right Shift-Tab one cell to the left Right arrow one If the mark <= 5 then the restaurant gets a single star "*" otherwise the restaurant gets a double "**" In Quattro Pro, the formula in C3 (to be Enter the title in the cell there (see Restaurant ratings which is to be centered across columns D, E and F. Source

Click Format Notebook properties. 2. The legend. First, we would like to find out some statistics about the restaurant ratings in Ottawa. Quatro Pro Basics 4.

Quattro Pro Functions

When you are using the Formula toolbar, you can type the cell addresses and math operators, or you can use the mouse to click in the cells that you want to You could use a formula like this: =A14*(A14=A1) What it does is return the value of A14 only if A14 is less than the limiting value given in cell A1. Stay logged in Sign up now!

Move the mouse pointer,which looks like a brush, to the new cell, or drag down the block to copy the format. Enter the formula K4 + (L4/$L$4)*20 + (M4/$M$4)*50 in cell N4. The grade is A if the mark is greater than or equal to 80; B if less than 80 but greater than or equal to 70; C if the mark is Quattro Pro X6 Manual To use the formula select a cell that already has a formula in it or a blank cell where you want to enter a new formula and then press the button

Don't multiply a bunch of large numbers, and then divide by a bunch of small numbers. Quattro Pro Formulas Complete the function by filling in the missing information. Position the insertion point in the cell where you want the formula (for example, in column D of the third row). Deleting and Modifying Data: To delete content of a block, select the block and press the Delete key.

All rights reserved. Quattro Pro Macro Commands Certain operations take precedence over others. From the Window menu, you may arrange the spreadsheet windows in different ways as was done with Word Perfect (e.g., cascading, tiled). Click on a cell and drag the mouse to select a block.

Quattro Pro Formulas

button and the following dialog box will appear: Select the appropriate characters that indicate the end of a cell (e.g., a comma). A. Quattro Pro Functions To invoke the formula editor press the button in the notebook toolbar. Quattro Pro Help You can use Data | Fill to create the bin.

You can set the order in which formulas recalculate depending on the nature of the formula. this contact form Back to top Operators The operators used in formulas tell Quattro Pro what to do with the data and functions. a 1 is displayed in the cell. Scroll through the list of functions, or if you prefer, open the drop-down list and select a specific type. Quattro Pro X7 Manual

The x-axis scale is determined by the x-axis series, which in XY charts contains numeric data, not text labels. Or you could type a plus sign, click in cell A3, type the asterisk, and then click in cell C2. The percentages of assignment marks are used only for calculation, we may hide tham in the sheet. have a peek here If you have Formulas view turned on, the formula appears in the cell.

Hours (if Hours <= 40) or 40 (if Hours > 40)Basically it is the hours worked to a maximum of 40. What Is Quattro Pro Used For Click the Functions button to open the Table Functions dialog box (see Figure 3). When the pointer changes to a cross of four arrows, drag the block and drop it anywhere else.

To set the number of recalculation iterations 1.

So you don't have to worry about re-doing all the formulas!! Creating a Link to a Quattro Pro® Spreadsheet If you are already familiar with spreadsheet programs, you may prefer to do your calculations in Quattro Pro, then copy them into WordPerfect. Advertisements do not imply our endorsement of that product or service. Quattro Pro Download Copy it to cells O6 to O9.

For example, if you are using the PMT function, enter the interest rate, present value and the number of periods. Background Recalculates all formulas during the time between keystrokes. Next, we'll talk about how to create formulas that calculate a value (rather than typing it in). Check This Out In the example formula, you type the * (multiplication operator).

And if you can do calculations in WordPerfect tables, why turn to another program for simple tasks such as adding a series of numbers? After that, you'll learn how to create formulas using one of the 500 built-in spreadsheet functions. Restaurant Rating Spreadsheet A B C 1 Rating Guide 2 Restaurant Mark Rating 3 Belamy's 4 Bistro Bis 5 Culture's 6 Green Valley First, we will calculate some statitics. Press Ctrl + =, or choose Table ?