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For example, @SUM(C4..C8*D4..D8) means "multiply each value in C4..C8 by the equivalent value in D4..D8 and add the results." Database functions The database functions, such as @DSUM, take three arguments: a Operator Precedence Parentheses ( ) 7 Exponents (^) 7 Negative, positive (-, +) 6 Multiplication, division (*, /) 5 Subtraction, addition (-, +) 4 Greater than or equal (>=) 3 Less To point to noncontiguous selections, select the first group of cells, hold down Ctrl, then select additional cells. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Source

To do this, separate rows with the pipe symbol (|). Cell naming syntax • Names can be up to 63 characters long. • You can use any keyboard characters (A to Z, 0 to 9, spaces, punctuation marks, and In this case, the spreadsheet function is calculated once for each value in the array. To specify Type Range of cells Address of top-left cell, followed by one or two periods and the address of the bottom right cell Example: C3..D6 (refers to cells C3,

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For example, if you move A:B4 into A:B6 of a notebook named TAX, the formula's reference changes to [TAX]A:B6. • If you move a cell from within a range without The numbers in the array are enclosed in braces {} and separated by semicolons. For example, the formula @ARRAY(B2..B4+C2..C4*D2..D4) means "multiply C2 by D2 and add B2, multiply C3 by D3 and add B3, then multiply C4 by D4 and add B4." You can use You can use any mathematical or logical operator in an array formula: +, -, *, /, ^, =, <>, <=, >=, <, >, #AND#, #OR#, and &.

For example, if you create a formula in cell A3 to add cells A1 and A2, and then you move the formula to cell D3 on the same spreadsheet, the formula The number of columns and rows in the output array depend on the dimensions of the arrays in the array formula. As well, setting cell names and addresses simplifies entering formula and function expressions. Quattro Pro X6 Manual The following is a table of cell names for this example: Cell Name B2 JAN._HOUSING B3 JAN._UTILITIES B4 JAN._FOOD C2 FEB._HOUSING C3 FEB._UTILITIES C4 FEB._FOOD

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When parentheses are nested inside other parentheses, the innermost part is calculated first. Quattro Pro Help ERR also displays when data is missing or a cell address is incorrect. • If a function displays ERR, it may contain an unmatched parenthesis. For example, - (minus) means "subtract each cell of the second block from the equivalent cell of the first block." When the second formula above is calculated, it expands the 5 An array constant is a group of numbers used as an argument in a formula that can produce one or many results.

Operator precedence The result of a formula depends on the order in which arithmetic operations are performed. Quattro Pro Macro Commands The coordinates are rewritten to list the top-left cell followed by the bottom-right cell. Depending on the cell selection you want to name, you must type the selection in a specific way. When you enter a formula that might be interpreted as a label, type a plus sign (+) before the formula.

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The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Wordperfect Quattro Pro Wordperfect Quattro Pro Welcome to Quattro Pro Help Getting started with Quattro Pro Quattro Pro Accessibility features Compatibility with Microsoft Excel Creating and managing spreadsheets Quattro Pro Functions If you specify an optional argument, you must also specify all preceding optional arguments. • A space must not be typed between the at sign (@) and the function name. Quattro Pro X7 Manual When naming cells in Quattro Pro, the following guidelines should be considered.

Setting cell addresses When you create formulas that reference cells you can refer to the cells by their cell address. http://puchinet.com/quattro-pro/quattro-pro-help-please.php Guidelines for solving errors in formulas The following guidelines cover some common causes of errors: • If ERR displays in a cell instead of formula results, the formula contains an Names always appear in uppercase letters in formulas. • Names cannot be the same as a valid cell address. Accented characters such as Â, or Ä, are also allowed if they are available on your keyboard. • Uppercase and lowercase letters are equivalent; for example, INCOME is treated the Quattro Pro Formulas

Operators with the highest precedence (7) are performed first. The array constant {3|7} specifies values in the third column. The array directs Quattro Pro to add the values in each column and show the results in the formula cell and the two cells to the right. have a peek here Using block arrays in formulas The array B2..D3 below contains data in three columns and two rows that can be worked with independently, or one selection.

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You can also specify a block of cells in this way by creating a cell address range, such as A5..D16. How To Multiply In Quattro Pro The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. For example, you can make EXPENSES in the array @ARRAY(EXPENSES*5), the selection C2..E4.

Automatic cell naming If you select more than one location in the Generate cell names dialog box, a set of names is created for each set of labels.

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Your cache administrator is webmaster. In the example above, a comma separates arguments. Statistical functions @SUM, @AVG, and other statistical spreadsheet functions always return a single value, no matter how large an array you specify. Quattro Pro Download When you reference data in formulas, functions, or macros, you can refer to the cell by relative cell address, absolute cell address, or cell name.

The second argument can be an array. When referring to a cell on a different spreadsheet, first specify the name of the spreadsheet; for example, C:A15. And, if you group sheets, you can refer to them by their group name instead of by their individual sheet names. Check This Out A block array is a selection of rows and columns.

To change the calculation order, use parentheses. If you name a selection of these cells, the coordinates in the cell names list display as ERR. This could occur, for example, when a formula is linked to another source and the notebook has not been updated. When you are working with rows, array results appear in the ARRAY formula cell.

Make sure the cursor is after an operator character, and click the cell you want to include in the formula.