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Quattro Pro 9 File Opening Problem

What is a User Profile? [< 2 min.] I. Other problems can involve the default template or (less commonly) WordPerfect's software connection to the printer, or your network connection, or even a damaged WordPerfect program file or a corrupted Windows I have removed an reinstalled the program, but the quatro program still doesnt open. Read on for some things you can do to fix them. http://puchinet.com/quattro-pro/quattro-pro-exits-instead-of-opening-files.php

Important: You shouldtype the new text into the new blank document. Click on the red X next to the data entry box on your toolbar. This and other "spontaneous" reformat issues are described here. • Similarly, a bad or outdated printer driver can cause problems with rendering fonts on your screen as well as on paper. Type a new filename, if necessary, then click "Save." 6.

To be sure there's a fair amount of information here. [See page contents below.] One reason is that I don't know your level of experience with WordPerfect or with solving issues After satisfying myself that a Microsoft-Excel path wasn't forthcoming, and before prevailing on others to crack open my old personal financial stuff, I considered the native application. It will be easier if your corrupted document is on the root directory of your primary hard drive. Important: When the file is loaded into WPLOOK, click the Repair button on the WPLOOK dialog at least 2 or 3 times --even if no corruption is found or even if

  • Save the new file (File, Save) and give it a different name from the problem document.
  • If not, use one of the above migration methods.
  • Look at the same loction in the main document pane above Reveal Codes and see if the problem coincides with a particular code (or codes). ☼ Some format problems become more
  • For example: - Strange codes that were carried into the document when pasting into it. (This is especially true if the source is another program or the Internet.

Ensure that you type the filename in EXACTLY and include a .QPW extention at the end. For the various reasons discussed on this page, it could be a problem with just that particular document file (or backups of it), especially if you have done a lot of Rather, it might be due to other, working-as-designed, "document reformat" causes which are detailed here. Anyway, thanks for the response, Roy.

Fortunately I still have most of my Quattro Pro files on my old computer and they open fine there. If it cures the problem, you have evidence that the original printer driver is bad or damaged. WPLOOK does not have to be installed since it is a stand-alone program -- but you should use it in the recommended manner below. Perhaps the document is corrupt!

Any ideas? See WPLOOK's Edit menu for an option to "scramble" a file's text: all characters are turned into Z's, but the formatting remains the same. [For very long documents, be sure to I enjoy your news letters. Section VI gives links to information about damaged program files and printer/fax problems.

In that case could you benefit from a separate Windows user profile for off line work?)] From Corel's Knowledgebase article #3496 (with some added formatting and editorial comments): "If more Note that repairing or reinstalling WordPerfect will NOT fix a corrupted user document or modified template. I dug up my WordPerfect Suite 8 install CD, and license document, installed Quattro Pro 8 on the system with winXP, and I can now open the WB1 and WB3 files, On the right hand side of the File Name box click on the file folder icon.

If the problem appears in these new documents as well, then you have good evidence the template file is damaged. http://puchinet.com/quattro-pro/quattro-pro-problem-help.php Or, you can just open the problem document and choose the new printer in File, Print. You can do this in your Windows Control Panel: Look for Printers and Faxes in Windows XP, or just Printers in Windows Vista/7. I have heard that, years ago at Microsoft, the motto about successive releases of MSDOS allegedly was, "the code's not done 'til Lotus won't run" EclipseChaser, Oct 6, 2009 #3

Sometimes manual (or even some automatic) formatting causes the program to insert a [Delay] code in the document -- usually to delay the onset of certain formatting. (To manually insert a I'm 76 myself and slowing down a little with my computer savvy even though I have been working with computers since 1966. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Source Hi,Excel stopped supporting Quattro Pro files with Office 2007.

It does not need to be installed since it is a single standalone file. (Option C) If you don't have it at all, you can get it free from Corel by Then restart your computer, load WordPerfect, and test. ☼ Login to your computer using a new Windows User Account. If you only have a few spreadsheets to convert, download the 30-day free trial and convert them within that time frame. 2.

It would appear that there is some incompatibility with Windows 7, which wouldn't be surprising.According to Corel's web site, the only version of WordPerfect Office that's "Windows 7 ready" is X4.

Note: If you cannot even open WordPerfect to view that dialog, see the more detailed "Default template" section on the Templates page here. • Take note of the contents in the Should you reinstall WordPerfect as the first step in fixing problems? [< 2 min.] Footnote 2. Cleaning out the temp directory on a monthly basis should help the following: Slow Running System Product Crashes Out of Memory messages Copy/Paste pastes corrupt objects Here,"XX" represents your language version -- such as "US" for the U.S.

Be sure to [OK] out (not [Cancel]). Write a function that prints a loan amortization table. 2/18/2017 2/18/2017 LogicPro My teacher give me lab but I didn't understand and I make it 2/17/2017 2/18/2017 LogicPro I have an See the section, "Fixing the default template," below. have a peek here See the methods below, which can be used to fix a custom template as well as document files.

Some of the time the Quatro Pro files don't open, some of the time they do. Tip: To easily enter some plain, unformatted "dummy" text into a document to fill up a paragraph or page (or more) see "What is Lorem Ipsum?" here: http://www.lipsum.com/. some of the most common problems involve damaged ("corrupt") documents and/or templates. For a brief discussion see Footnote 4 below.

The bad news is that XP mode only works on certain versions of W7 and your PC needs to have the required resources. Borland/Quattro was not yet on the list. I'm openning various ways......File, then double click on file, look for file in folders and double click, etc. This would indicate that the files hadn't become corrupted as I first suspected.

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