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QuattroPro 9 "Save" Command Does Not Operate


Here's how to use it: Step 1. They are related -- but you don't have to deliberately use the Workspace Manager first to use "Save Workspace": the latter will save the current workspace, whichever workspace mode was chosen A list of supported file formats identifies the Quattro Pro filters available to convert files created in other applications. Perhaps the document is corrupt! have a peek at this web-site

Unless you have a specific reason why you need to retain Undo information or Unused styles, enable these two Repair options, too. The data (spreadsheets) is all on the same workstation (not on our server). To see the File menu, click File Besides the File menu, there are other menu items that allow you to do many other things. To restore the application, double-click the title bar again.

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Reply With Quote 03-21-201205:38 AM #8 lemoto View Profile View Forum Posts Visit Homepage Administrator Join Date Feb 2002 Location UK WP version:, OS version: Windows 10 Pro-64 Posts For example, pressing Tab moves the cursor five spaces to the right when the Compatibility keys check box is enabled. Corel Quattro Pro is a Multiple Document Interface (MDI), which means that you can open more that one file, more than one notebook, inside the application. Step 4.

It is highly recommended that you try the primary methods and tools (below) first. Or that at some point, some out-of-bounds reference/data has been saved in the file, and when the program attempts to get or use that data, a crash occurs. Home Next Copyright © 2002-2009 FunctionX Register Help Remember Me? Quattro Pro X6 Manual When problems suddenly appear, try to stop what you are doing and think about what is going on at the moment, and also think about the time immediately preceding the problem's

b) Another category of menu consists of one that is gray. Wordperfect Macro Commands Under the Formula bar and especially under the Formula bar, there is another series of gray boxes with letters such as A, B, C, D, etc. Type 2350 and press Tab. Click the Manager text box and type Georgia Delaine.

Close unnecessary applications or windows, and double-click the object again. • If it is a linked object, make sure the source file has not been moved, renamed, or deleted. Corel Quattro Pro Download Click the View property sheet. Therefore, if you create or initialize more than one notebook in Quattro Pro, subsequent notebooks would be called notebk2, notebk3, notebkX. The initial code at the very top of the document (seen in Reveal Codes) handles some default formatting.

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It might be better to publish the document to PDF and distribute it that way. A basic but important concept: There are hidden elements in documents and templates. Quattro Pro Download Why documents and templates can become damaged. [< 2 min.] II. Quattro Pro X7 Quattro Pro seems to have a LOT of issues on a 64 bit machine.

I have QP9 at home but run it under WinME, not XP, so I can't help out with personal testing. Tips ☼ You can pass your cursor slowly over these format codes in Reveal Codes(View, Reveal Codes) and you should see information about each code appear in a floating tip. On the right side of the cells area, there is a vertical scroll bar that allows you to scroll up and down in case your worksheet cannot display everything at a Set the Standard Font to Arial. Quattro Pro Vs Excel

You can customize and save workspace settings, including shadow cursor settings, measurement and ruler settings, toolbar, application bar and property bar settings. Had it crashed while using QP8? This is little help to you, but it is true - QP runs just fine on this 64-bit machine. http://puchinet.com/quattro-pro/quattropro-7-compatible-with-windows-xp.php Then the next time you save or load a file, the default folder initially displays in the dialog box.

Some others are hidden or they universally apply to all applications that run on the operating system. Quattro Pro Functions It is best to retain the .WPT filename extension; hence, just add something to the filename itself, as in the above example.] Use a similar method for other versions or Before I forget: I use native Quattro commands -- nothing is written in PerfectScript format.

See here for suggested time interval settings and recovery-of-work techniques. (A setting that is too short on a busy computer can corrupt some large files, or possibly give you a "spinning

Tip: For WordPerfect X6 and higher versions, WPLOOK can be launched directly from within the program: [1] In WordPerfect, click Help, About WordPerfect. [2] While holding down Ctrl+Shift, click on System It can also contain formatting codes that were inserted during document creation or editing with the intention of using them as a document default. Overview Note that not only new or previously saved documents (.WPD) can become corrupted, as was discussed in the previous sections above, but template files (.WPT) can suffer damage, too. Wordperfect 12 Macro Commands Read through them to see which might appear useful to you. • Save without Metadata: In some cases where X-Insert or WPLOOK will not recover the document, saving without metadata (a

Also it will not Save a New File. You need to pay attention to two primary things. A basic but important concept. For example, if the default Windows setup "hides" certain files from view in Windows Explorer and (My) Computer. ☼ See also Footnote 3 for an easy, copy-and-paste way to locate the

Notes and tips about some other "formattingproblems" • Check to see if the printout of the document is OK. When choosing a workspace, you are specifying the toolbars, buttons, options, and menus that WordPerfect displays. Although there are many characters you can use in a name (such as exclamation points, etc), try to stay away from fancy names.