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Click Here to Join the Discussion Tweet Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. A hub to a router, PC, or file server2.A switch to a router, PC, or file serverCrossover cables should by used when you connect a DTE to another DTE or a For SATA power you may split one cable into multiple connectors, but for SATA data each SATA device needs its own dedicated SATA cable. This... Source

No. And you need to see this multiple times?Click to expand... What is ribbon cable? Verify that the monitor is properly connected in the back of the monitor as well as to the back of the computer.

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Some plug strips also have a built in circuit breaker which usually looks like a black or red button near the power switch. All Rights Reserved. Verify that the network cable is properly connected to the back of the computer.

Note: generally, when the green light is flashing, this is an indication of data being sent or received. solved Basic computer build solved Computer Case Question for New Build solved About to install a new ssd, question about cables Building My Computer: Some Basic Questions solved Small question about or do hard drives need to be able to support sata III in order to utilize these sata 6 gb/s cables? Immersing some kinds of cables in water might be bad for them, so some might be cleanable in a dishwasher and some not.

Ethernet in metropolitan area network (MAN) can be used as a) pure ethernet b) ethernet over SDH c) ethernet over MPLS d) all of the mentioned View Answer Answer:d Explanation:None. 6. Size Of Mac Address Published 08/2/16 DID YOU KNOW?The Yaghan people, found in the southernmost region of South America, has less than 1,700 tribe members left (2002 Chilean census) and only a single native speaker: Make sure that the monitor is connected properly to the back of the computer. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games.

MAC address is of 1) 24 bits b) 36 bits c) 42 bits d) 48 bits View Answer Answer:d Explanation:None. 4. The cables should still be internally good. Signal cable and flexible data cable may be used in sensitive data processing equipment, medical equipment, and even computer equipment. High speed ethernet works on a) coaxial cable b) twisted pair cable c) optical fiber d) none of the mentioned View Answer Answer:c Explanation:None. 8.

Size Of Mac Address

The maximum size of payload field in ethernet frame is a) 1000 bytes b) 1200 bytes c) 1300 bytes d) 1500 bytes View Answer Answer:d Explanation:None. 9. To practice all areas of Computer Networks, here is complete set on 1000+ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Computer Networks. « Prev Page - Computer Networks Questions & Answers - Mcq On Networking With Answers Pdf This will help in not have so many cables to clean.

August 7, 2016 John Chapman I suspect you may be able to use a dishwasher to wash cables, especially if on top of that, having so many of these ATA serial sata cables, as well as ATA internal power cables connecting from one source to another (for example,one internal power cable

For example, Microsoft Outlook protect its users by automatically disabling certain file extension types from being received in e-mail. this contact form If this occurs, the resolution can be changed back to the original setting or you can manually adjust the monitor. Cleaning Recommendation What you are trying to get rid of is external. solved Couple of basic question re: new system solved looking for a new tv for my parents.

or would that effect the transfer speed (throughput) ? 1 answer Last reply May 12, 2014 More about basic computer cables question build UbralesMay 12, 2014, 3:22 PM Many cables available Computer FAQ's My computer does not turn on, what do I do now? Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ReadyAndWilling, Sep 30, 2013. have a peek here But if I do that, I can't figure out how to get the Internet connection from the computer to the router, and then out wirelessly from the router to my tablet

Help Create an Account Save time submitting RFQs and custom cable designs. ReadyAndWilling, Sep 30, 2013 #1 Christopher Writer Admiral Joined: Mar 15, 2001 I think the name you're looking for is Graymalkin, the name of Cable's space station (named for Graymalkin Lane, It is important to realize that many computers do not come pre-loaded with these already installed and that if computers do come with these programs, the programs may expire within 90

Also, I tried looking up information on his computer Greymall, but I couldn't find anything on Wikipedia.

Mistral, Oct 1, 2013 #9 Turtletrekker Vice Admiral Admiral Joined: Aug 23, 2003 Location: Tacoma, Washington Do you call your XBOX "Graymalkin"? Well I love it because it gives me a chance of what might be possible some day. The Cat5e specification supersedes the Cat5 specification. Have something to add to the explanation?

In addition, when checking the connection of the network cable, ensure that the LED's on the network are properly illuminated. Solved! To get into the Windows 2000 / XP Safe mode, as the computer is booting press and hold your "F8 Key" which should bring up the "Windows Advanced Options Menu". http://puchinet.com/question-about/question-about-oem-and-upgrading-computer-s-motherboard.php Which part of the computer acts as the brain of the computer?(A) CPU(B) CD(C) Floppy disc(D) Megabyte3.

If the stuck paper is visible manually remove it. Questions Washability: What characteristics (i.e. Today's SuperUser Q&A post has the answers to a curious, cable-rich reader's questions. XenForo style by Pixel Exit How-To Geek Articles l l What Is PlayStation Vue, and Can It Replace Your Cable Subscription?

The instructions are written for a NVG589. First check the computer's power cord to make sure it is completely plugged into the wall socket. Turn the printer back on. Nerys Myk, Oct 1, 2013 #8 Mistral Vice Admiral Admiral Joined: Dec 5, 2007 Location: Between the candle and the flame I find this topic title distracting, as my gamertag on

Go to Solution. Stay logged in Sign up now! If the resolution was recently changed it is possible for the monitor to not auto adjust or shift to the correct size. ReadyAndWilling Fleet Captain Joined: Jul 30, 2009 Hey guys, I was watching the X-Men TV show from the early 90's and I really enjoyed seeing Cable communicating with his wrist mounted

A point-to-point protocol over ethernet is a network protocol for a) encapsulating PPP frames inside ethernet frames b) encapsulating ehternet framse inside PPP frames c) for security of ethernet frames d) How do I determine my computer's name? Result: my tablet detects and connects to the wireless signal sent out by the router, but there is no connection to the Internet via the wireless signal. But this method of connecting the components supplied an Internet connection to only the computer.

Which one of the following options comes under the category of a telecommunication device?(A) Keyboard(B) Mouse(C) Modem(D) Printer(E) Scanner8. a) 10101010 b) 10101011 c) 00000000 d) 11111111 View Answer Answer:b Explanation:None. 3.