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Question About DVD/CD Rom Drive

The layering structure of a CD-R is diagrammed below: As in a conventional CD-ROM or CD-Audio disc, polycarbonate is used as the foundation. Toast CD-DA from Adaptec is one such program. Never use a ball point pen or any other sharp object to label your discs. See the exports(5) man page for details.

6.4. Source

You also need to be sure that the UV curable inks do not contain any chemically active components that can affect the disc after the curing process. And since CD-R media is fast, low maintenance, reliable and non-proprietary, CD-R users are assured that their data is accessible to everyone. How expensive are audio CD recorders? The spec concludes that if you label first, then any subtle reflectivity effects can be recognized and compensated for by the OPC.

What conditions would prevent the possibility of human-made satellites orbiting a habitable planet? Whenever I want to play/use a disc, the drive would just not read it (the green light still works though). Ask a new question Read More Rom DVD Drives DVD Burner Build Components Optical Media Related Resources DVD-ROM burner drive doesn't burn my cd rom / dvd burner drive wont work. Likewise make sure there are no abrasive particles used in the ink pigments that can damage the protective layer of the CD-R disc.

The same companies that provide CD quality analysis usually have access to a wide variety of CD readers as well as high quality readers used for disc analysis. A CCM membership gives you access to additional options. Last time I removed the upper filters my complete computer crash and couldn't start until I reintalled winxp. More than likely, the plant that accepted your disc pulled off the data and re-premastered it to another CD-R or Exabyte tape for mastering.

CD-R most definitely represents the state-of-the-art in low cost, high performance, archival optical media. Do I really need to worry about formats and standards if I'm burning my own discs? These tracks have index numbers in the sub channel which differentiate one from another. You will not see multiple partitions.

Can I record audio onto CD-R? How do we know that gravity is spacetime and not a field on spacetime? Figure 1.b explains how data is erased after heating the amorphous state to a temperature between Tcryst and Tmelt, during a time (tdwell spot) long enough to regain the crystalline state. The kernel has support for some drives using the CDROM_SELECT_DISC ioctl function.

A "4x" writer would do the job in about 18 minutes, "8x" about 9. CD-R will permit additional recording upon a partially recorded disc but no existing data may be changed or deleted. I fixed it myself, and here is how: 1. However, as I noted in "Good-Bye CD-RW, Hello DVD," you really don't need two drives anymore.

CD-R media capable of recording at "4x" speed were designated "4x certified". http://puchinet.com/question-about/question-about-recovery-drive.php CAPACITY What is the difference between 74 and 80 minute media, they look the same to me? Click To Enlarge Figure 3: Strategy for direct overwrite. For a long time, having two drives made sense, since DVD burners started out with CD write speeds that were significantly slower than what you'd find in a dedicated CD-RW drive.

Bug or feature? Question about DVD/CD Rom Drive Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by Tanpopo, May 22, 2005. Then there's the ultimate "mastering" software from Sonic Solutions. have a peek here This comprises single and double sided versions - with single and dual layers possible on each side.

But I'm not delving far into that murky water, fraught as it is with questions about the legality of copying movies on DVD. then I did a system restore wizard to a time when I remember seeing the disc drive there and voile - the cd roms and dvds drive appeared. You can change the default to display the actual error messages by going into /usr/src/linux/drivers/block/ide-cd.c, changing the value of VERBOSE_IDE_CD_ERRORS to 1, and recompiling the kernel.


programs cannot executed, device files are ignored).

Alternatively you can run this shell command:

dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=1 skip=32808 count=32

assuming /dev/cdrom is the device file name for your drive.

6.25. Using a felt tip pen (such as a "Sharpie") is the easiest and fastest way to label a CD-R. All of these hardware and software solutions will tell you if E32 errors exist on the disc. The absolute safest area to label your CD-R is within the center stacking ring that surrounds the center hub hole.

Cyanine dye and its metal-stabilized derivatives were originally used because the "Orange Book, Part II" referred to the recording characteristics of cyanine-based dyes in establishing CD-Recordable standards. Should I print or silk-screen on discs before recording on them or after recording on them? DVD-RAM, for instance, was created for storage of computer data like backing up your hard drive. Check This Out Furthermore, studies indicate that discs manufactured with Phthalocyanine dye will last well over 100 years with some accelerated aging tests showing longevity of over 200 years.

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the The structure of a DVD-9 is shown in the figure beside. An analyzer is only as good as the CD reader inside it and this assumes that it is calibrated to the Philips B5 Reference Disc. Each recording mark is formed by a set of high-power laser pulses (e.g.

Likewise, a "2x" recorder writes at 300 kb per second, a "4x" records at 600 kb per second, a "8x" records at 1200 kb per second, a "12x" records at 1800 This base dye color is modified when the reflective coating is added. Yes. Why does the disc tray open when I shut down the system?The sbpcd driver supports automatically ejecting the CD when it is unmounted.

The latest generations of CD recorders, as SCSI devices, are well under $1000. A sample program is included in the sbpcd documentation file (or use the eject program). The principle structure is shown in the following figure. By default the IDECD driver prints out the raw information instead of wasting kernel space with error messages.

On Macs it's a bit easier. If you want to pack more music on a disc, convert your audio files to MP3 before burning them to a CD-R. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions6.1. Hardware solutions will also tell you the error counts for less serious errors (El-E22).

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