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Question About Gethostname() And IPv6


Well, here are some facts: if you send a datagram, it may arrive. Why are they unreliable? As the new backbone of the Internet, this new protocol would fix the most difficult problems that the Internet faces today--scalability and management. But people like what they like, and you Windows folk will be pleased to know that this information is generally applicable to you guys, with a few minor changes, if any. have a peek here

Once you do that, the rest of the examples in this tutorial should generally apply, with a few exceptions. But I wanted to talk about the network behind the firewall in case you started getting confused by the network numbers you were seeing. The details of which private network numbers are available for you to use are outlined in RFC 1918, but some common ones you'll see are 10.x.x.x and 192.168.x.x, where x is What does that mean?

Gethostbyname Example

These functions work for the unsigned variations as well. Why is the issuer certificate different at my workplace and at home? It's almost too easy... In order to do this, simply add "-lnsl -lsocket -lresolv" to the end of the compile command, like so: $ cc -o server server.c -lnsl -lsocket -lresolv If you still get

How is this possible? Platform and Compiler 1.3. struct hostent *he; struct in_addr ipv4addr; struct in6_addr ipv6addr; inet_pton(AF_INET, "", &ipv4addr); he = gethostbyaddr(&ipv4addr, sizeof ipv4addr, AF_INET); printf("Host name: %s\n", he->h_name); inet_pton(AF_INET6, "2001:db8:63b3:1::beef", &ipv6addr); he = gethostbyaddr(&ipv6addr, sizeof ipv6addr, AF_INET6); Gethostbyname Perl Nifty!

Dobb's Architecure & Design World, SD Best Practices, Extreme Markup Languages, and too many user groups to count. Gethostbyname Linux backlog is the number of connections allowed on the incoming queue. For one thing, you can't use close() to close a socket—you need to use closesocket(), instead. The code to do that looks something like this: #include { WSADATA wsaData; // if this doesn't work //WSAData wsaData; // then try this instead // MAKEWORD(1,1) for Winsock 1.1,

In fact, as of this writing, virtually every site on the Internet uses IPv4. Gethostbyaddr Example John Turner is an application developer and systems administrator in Detroit, Michigan, supporting the advertising and marketing campaigns of Fortune 50 clients. So what is this struct hostent that gets returned? close() and shutdown()—Get outta my face! 5.10.

Gethostbyname Linux

The global variable errno is set to the error's value (see the errno man page for more details, and a quick note on using errno in multithreaded programs.) Fine, fine, fine, So I still encourage you to try Linux, BSD, or some flavor of Unix, instead. Gethostbyname Example Were the Space Shuttle's Main Engines ever off while the Solid Rocket Boosters were firing? Gethostbyname C++ Let's just pretend for a few minutes that you're a telnet application.

You comply and call socket(). http://puchinet.com/question-about/question-about-amd-am2.php The St. You can either wait for it to clear (a minute or so), or add code to your program allowing it to reuse the port, like this: int yes=1; //char yes='1'; // Please note the license restrictions in the Copyright and Distribution section, below. Gethostbyname Localhost

This question is basically to confirm or set me straight. It is certainly not the complete and total guide to sockets programming, by any means. IP Addresses, versions 4 and 6 3.2. Check This Out If instead you meant gethostbyname(), then your results are more surprising, since that function claims not to support IPv6.

What uses stream sockets? Gethostbyname Ipv6 [email protected]:\Users\VinsWorldcom\tmp> v4v6Lookup.pl www.google.com OLD: inet_ntoa() Address = NEW: inet_ntop() Address = 200:0:480e:cc69:: [email protected]:\Users\VinsWorldcom\tmp> v4v6Lookup.pl OLD: inet_ntoa() Address = NEW: inet_ntop() Address = 200:0:480e:cc69:: [download] Both addresses should be Produce cards with a PNG background for each card Is it acceptable for an internal HR site to run over HTTP?

The netmask usually looks something like (E.g.

You want to do cool Internet programming, but you don't have time to wade through a gob of structs trying to figure out if you have to call bind() before you What does this suggest to you? I'm supposed to be Windows-friendly(er) these days... Getaddrinfo Example Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Everything in Unix is a file! What do you do now? this contact form They use a protocol called "The Transmission Control Protocol", otherwise known as "TCP" (see RFC 793 for extremely detailed info on TCP.) TCP makes sure your data arrives sequentially and error-free.

Or so I hear. If you're not up to that, the CreateThread() is a little easier to digest...unfortunately a discussion about multithreading is beyond the scope of this document. Get up to speed on that before the next paragraph. Guess what?

Makes sense, and, as Wilford Brimley would tell you, it's the Right Thing To Do. Why is the flight from US cities to Vietnam cheaper than from Vietnam to a US city? Note that this is a linked list: ai_next points at the next element—there could be several results for you to choose from. No worries. 5.5.