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Question About Mobo And Cpu Update

than more than likely... If you're going to spend money on an upgrade, I think you'll get more satisfaction from a new motherboard and CPU than if you invest more in LGA775. I then had task manager running while using the computer and the CPU load would be almost 0% during these hangs and there was no significant HDD access. Why did Columbus cross the mid-Atlantic instead of exploring from Greenland? http://puchinet.com/question-about/question-about-sli-mobo.php

I'm reluctant to buy new graphics cards and memory because the ones I mentioned are less than two months old. Is there a difference between "temperaturo" and "varmeco"? I don't at all regret buying it, because I know I'm getting my money's worth. If the FSB speed doesn't need to match, then I'll go with the X6800 you pointed out to me.

If you can find the service tag number, it can be used to look up what the model is on Dell's site. Explore Star Wars Comic-Con Tech Food Art Science Premium Videos Features Inside Adam Savage's Cave Inside Jamie's Shop Quick Looks Print the Mystery Object Podcast Still Untitled This is Only A Answer: Hi, I assume that you are planning of replacing your Pentium 4 with the latest i7 processor. Origina1Penguin6 years [email protected]:Ignore my initial budget.

Origina1Penguin6 years agoAlright, here's what I'm going to do. Correct? You can upgrade your CPU easily on that socket.This would be a nice start:PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchantCPU: Intel Core i3-4150 3.5GHz Dual-Core Processor ($89.99 @ Amazon) Motherboard: Avoid giant player classes A world without natural time measures more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact

Read More  so you know what they’re offering, and also be sure to know what to look for in a new graphics card 5 Things You Have to Know Before Buying Now I just need opinions on the parts I've selected before I buy them. It currently has intel core i3 third gen 3110MHow harmful is upgrading RAM on a Dell laptop?Is it possible to upgrade my motherboard processor?Is it possible to upgrade a laptop screen?Is You can get those for about $150 online.

Just pick any one really. WolfOfOne6 years agoAgreed with CROM on the 5770 and the PSU being overkill for your system. I'd just feel really bad and kind of dumb for buying that gfx card and memory two months ago. If you're wanting to upgrade because your computer seems slow we'd recommend upgrading the RAM and replacing the hard drive with an SSD hard drive before upgrading the CPU.

DarkSableNov 27, 2012, 1:34 AM ^Haven't heard that one before. I would wait for Windows 7 or use XP.The motherboard is 9.6 in x 9.6 in You also need to look at the ports.http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01080282Message Edited by dmhoo29 on 03-24-2009 12:40 PM If yes, then how much will it cost for me in India?Do I need to reset my OS when upgrading a motherboard and processor?How much does it cost to replace the The model will be listed under the "mainboard" tab.

However, because of the variety of possibilities, it is recommended that you contact the computer or motherboard manufacturer to determine if this is possible or not. http://puchinet.com/question-about/question-about-microsoft-update-kb977165.php americanbrianNov 27, 2012, 1:20 AM those temps are TOO HIGH for AMD chips.Intels are good up to 80 but AMD need to be kept below 65.... Today, the processor is one of the last things we'd recommend upgrading in the computer since most motherboards only support so many processors. The best I could find with that and LGA 775 socket is the E5500.

Who are these "Han Solo" actors? Can you tell us what model your motherboard is? Which Part Should You Upgrade? Check This Out I can change graphic cards and I just did my first PSU upgrade and ram upgrades.

I have a Dell XPS 710 and I think that what they put in them as standard. Add a bit more RAM and a faster processor and you’ll be set for the next five years, right? Answer: Do you have the case speaker hooked up?

It currently has intel core i3 third gen 3110MHow harmful is upgrading RAM on a Dell laptop?Is it possible to upgrade my motherboard processor?

Answer: Usually you can use 800MHz RAM on motherboards that support up to 667MHz. Once you have identified what you want to update and why, you need to pick the right part for the job. you should definitely be running Windows 7!!! So what exactly is the issue you want to deal with?

I'm not very savvy on specific details of computer components, but I have found that I need to buy a CPU with LGA 775 socket. When contacting your computer manufacturer concerning a CPU upgrade, ask for the questions below. The one thing in SIW that I am not sure is correct is the CPU speed. http://puchinet.com/question-about/question-about-ie-7-automatic-update.php Even in a 486DX4 you will really not notice much more of a change in speed.

Windows XP or later can often survive a motherboard switch-over (after many reboots and perhaps a visit or two to SafeModeLand to sort out drivers) as it isn't nearly as pernickety Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Depending upon what CPU chip you have installed in the computer determines how much speed the computer will increase. CPU Upgrade, Possible Motherboard Upgrade Questions Created by Origina1Penguin on March 15, 2012, 6:33 p.m.

Borodin6 years agoThere's a lot of questions there but the easiest one to answer is that the only thing that matters about upgrading your CPU is socket-type, as long as whatever The Bios is 1.80 so it should support that CPU. finally! Hard Drive might help if loading games and applications is really slow, it takes a long time to save or unzip large files, booting up takes a long time, or the hard

Not by a long shot. The way I see it, you can spend $100 now to stay with LGA775 and get a moderate performance increase, but with no future upgrade route. In the above I'm assuming you are using one of the stock Ubuntu kernels. It is now running fine.

Read more Register · Log In HP Support Forum Home > Desktops > Hardware > Motherboard and CPU upgrade question Search the Community First Time Here? Not knowing anything really about hardware and wanting to keep things simple I just ordered a new Cpu, 2 more gigs of Ram and a new video card. If so where do I do it?Is an SSHD a good upgrade for a laptop?How do I upgrade a printer with a new motherboard?Can I upgrade the RAM of an Acer

It's also been really hard to find info on my Dell motherboard, and I've found nothing regarding BIOS compatibility.