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You can also use the keyboard to delete by clicking inside the text box of the answer choice and pressing the Backspace or Delete key until the text is gone and the text Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of 13 Thread: Question with 2+ options Facebook Twitter Google+ E-Mail WhatsApp Thread Tools Show Printable Version This is especially useful for long lists of answer choices.

Qtip: There are more customization options within each choice group, such as Hide Group Title, Randomization, and Remove Group. If not, is there a way to achieve this outcome? Source

RSUs differ from stock options in that with them you receive value independent of whether your employer’s company value increases or not. You may have joined the private company because you didn’t want to work for a big company. Explore our Help Center or email knowledgecenter@wealthfront.com Older post Newer post Ready to invest in your future? If you send your survey by Email Invitation, you may be able to embed a Multiple Choice question in your email so respondents can answer with just one click.

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You can add new questions to your survey from the BUILDER and QUESTION BANK sections of the sidebar. To enable piping, the question that will receive the piped choices (that is, the question for which you are enabling piping) must have the same list of choices that were present As is "Are you female?" However, the addition of the word "or" provides an alternative and if one is given alternatives, the obvious thing to do is to choose between them. Join the mailing list! © 2017 Wealthfront Inc.

The SurveyGizmo Ultimate Training Discover how to build surveys more efficiently, create compelling reports and explore new and exciting features. Tab Description EditAdd question text and answer choices, and configure additional settings that affect what kind of data the question will collect. You can access these options by clicking on the answer choice and then clicking the blue dropdown menu that appears on the right. Qualtrics Allow Text Entry Sign In Learn More File Upload Question Slider Question Net Promoter Score (NPS) Contact Us Fill out this contact form and we'll get back to you soon.

Sign In Change Language English Español Português Deutsch Nederlands Français Русский Italiano 日本語 한국어 中文(繁體) Türkçe ° English Español Português Deutsch Nederlands Français Русский Italiano 日本語 한국어 中文(繁體) Türkçe BBOnline Copyright Qualtrics Group Questions The choices displayed in question 3 would be automatically limited to the choices selected in question 2. Already a customer? Editing & Configuring Questions When you add a new question to your survey, an editing view appears where you can enter your question text and customize the question. Switching Question

Last Name - Any text characters are accepted, and at least one must be present, but text is rejected if it has too many repeated characters (by default, 6), or if Choices Answers Game To make the percentage seem bigger, the company may not include everything it should in the denominator. Many companies also offer an additional six months of vesting upon acquisition if you are fired. View all posts by Andy Rachleff Questions?

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Filter: Basic Standard Market Research HR Professional Full Access Reporting Free Individual Team & Enterprise Feature Included In Related Articles Should I delete or disable my unwanted survey question/answer option? If your proposed employer is private then your board must determine the exercise price of your options by what is referred to as a 409A appraisal (the name, 409A, comes from Qualtrics Multiple Choice With Other Option Learn more: Adding Answer Choices in Bulk Question Settings There are additional settings you can configure under the Edit, Options, Logic, Move, and Copy tabs. Qualtrics Add Note Ascertain and compare the current market rate for your position to your offer and, likewise, try to compare any proposed option grant to the market as well Investors will only convert

You can also change the order of the choices by selecting one and clicking the up and down arrows to the right. this contact form If this option is selected, and Include "Other" as a choice has been selected, there will not be a blank text field for the entry of "other" choices. For example, in the list of choices below, if the Ordered option were selected, the choices from poor to excellent would be treated as having numerical values, and the average of Multiple Choice is a simple, closed-ended question type that lets respondents select one or multiple answers from a defined list of choices. Funny Questions With Options

This field may contain up to 1024 characters. Check out Wealthfront's services. Some companies might request five-year vesting, but that should give you pause. 6. have a peek here First Name - Any text characters are accepted, but text is rejected if it has too many repeated characters (by default, 3), or if it has too many (i.e., more than

He serves as a member of the board of trustees and vice chairman of the endowment investment committee for University of Pennsylvania and as a member of the faculty at Stanford Qualtrics Carry Forward If you are aware of both you might be confused why we have these similar options. You’ll want to know what your prospective employer’s policy is in order to evaluate your offer within the proper context.

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It is usually used for additional explanation of what the participant should do. Use the dropdown question when you need to ask a multiple choice, single answer question but want to save space.Star RatingAsk respondents to evaluate a statement on a visual scale of To learn more about the specific settings available for each question type, find the article on your question type here. Display Logic Qualtrics This option is only available if the question hasn't collected responses.dHide the corresponding answer choice, row choice, or column choice.

C) When a task is given out, do you immediately jump on it? If so, you would probably want some acceleration so you could leave the company after the acquisition. Already a customer? Check This Out You can create Filter and Compare rules to break down your survey results, and every chart type is available for this question.

This field may contain up to 128 characters. Notes Notes are only seen within TestScripter, not by participants. Password Hint - Any text is accepted. Include "Other" as a choice - If this option is selected, participants will have the option of choosing "Other" in addition to all the choices you have provided, and a blank

Skype and its backers came under fire last year for such a policy. 7.