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Question Regarding Intranet Security Using Win2000

In practice, however, the majority of organizations deploying a PKI will use a number of CAs, organized into trusted groups known as certification hierarchies. Core features include integration with the Windows 2000 Active Directory™ service, support for the Kerberos version 5 authentication protocol for authenticating Windows 2000 users, authentication using public key certificates for external CH000849 What are the $NtUninstallKBxxxxxx$ folders in Windows? CH000627 How to use the Windows recovery console. http://puchinet.com/question-regarding/question-regarding-the-security-of-a-file.php

The smart card contains a chip that stores the user's private key, logon information, and public key certificate used for various purposes, such as digital signatures and data encryption. Figure 2 below shows the relationship between the client, the KDC, and the application server using the Kerberos authentication protocol. Note, however, that transitive trust does not automatically assign rights to anyone that would not otherwise be granted those rights by ACLs. or maybe the same event logged in more> than one place?>> any info would be greatly appreciated.

Providing Internet Protocol security (IPSec) authentication for clients that do not use the Kerberos protocol, or for shared-secret passwords for IPSec communications. You can specify, for example, who can do backups and restores on a server, or how much of the data access you want to audit for a desktop computer. The access check is done in kernel mode within the security subsystem of Windows 2000. CH000123 I have problems in Windows after installing new software.

Chris Top 1. It also introduces the Encrypting File System (EFS) used to secure data on hard disks. Regardless of the method used to prove identity, Windows 2000 consistently uses Active Directory to look up the identity presented by the authentication mechanism. However, it is fairly common for applications to use several servers to perform a task.

CH000824 How do I empty or manage the Windows Recycle Bin? These users can be authenticated using PKI. You can use your public key infrastructure to support a wide range of network and information security needs. CH000280 How to create a Windows ERD.

Third, the Windows operating system kernel uses security identifiers in the access token to verify whether the user is authorized the desired access rights to the target object. Secure communications between internal and external resources. In addition, because Microsoft.com trusts both the child domains, a trust relationship is also transitively created between the FarEast and Europe domains. When a server processes a request forwarded by another server, its log will show the client's name rather than that of the intermediary server.

Instead of entering a password, the user inserts a card into a reader attached to the PC, and enters the card's PIN. As part of using Active Directory, server computers will be aware of the fact that they can obtain a certificate, and will automatically obtain one when needed. CH000916 What is the Windows csrss.exe file and process? Though the underlying mechanism is complicated, administrators and users can take advantage of the extra security by merely selecting a check box in the Advanced Attributes dialog box accessed from the

First, each client in a domain establishes a direct trust path by securely authenticating to its domain controller. navigate here You can specify whether or not these settings may be overridden at lower levels. CH000465 NTLDR is Missing CH000486 Is it safe to delete .dll files? MSDN Library MSDN Library MSDN Library MSDN Library Design Tools Development Tools and Languages Mobile and Embedded Development .NET Development Office development Online Services Open Specifications patterns & practices Servers and

CH001030 How do I change the icons in the Windows Quick Launch? With single sign-on, a user can log on to the domain once, using a single password or smart card, and authenticate to any computer in the domain. As described earlier, the transitive trust relationships between Windows 2000–based domains greatly extend the scope of resources that a client running Windows 2000 or Windows NT Workstation can access after logging http://puchinet.com/question-regarding/question-regarding-hdd.php Note: For more information about the relationship between Active Directory and security, see the "Active Directory Users, Computers, and Groups" white paper in the Windows 2000 Server Technical Library at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/windows2000serv/technologies/activedirectory/maintain/adusers.mspx.

CH000554 How to set a computer's date and time. It is used to confirm the identity of any user trying to log on to a domain or access network resources. This is a Windows 32 API that applications and system services (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Internet Information Services) use to take advantage of security mechanisms, while hiding the complexity

Group Policy settings and user groups let administrators precisely define delegated authority.

Additionally, the CA Web pages can be installed on Windows 2000–based servers that do not have a certification authority installed. CH000592 How do I adjust the Windows background? I look forward to any help anyone can give. Fine-grained Access Control To give administrators greater flexibility in assigning security settings, Active Directory provides fine-grained access control for objects in the directory.

Securing logon credentials using smart cards. TechRepublic Search GO Cloud CXO Software Startups Innovation More Data Centers Hardware Microsoft Google Apple All Topics Sections: Photos Videos All Writers Newsletters Forums Resource Library Tech Pro Free Trial To extend the capabilities of an organization that uses Windows 2000, application developers can take advantage of the Windows 2000 security infrastructure using the SSPI, which allows them to use Windows this contact form I am mostly> looking to find out what event and where it is actually logged.>> 1) user fails a logon to the domain from his workstation due to a wrong> password.

The method used to support the three-tier model is called delegation of authentication. In networks where there are both Windows 2000– and Windows NT–based domains, administrators can create the explicit one-way trust relationships used on Windows NT–based networks. CH001141 How do I fix the Windows blue screen errors? Encrypting files using Windows 2000 EFS.