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ACCEPT & CLOSE Newsletters You have been successfully signed up. a. A) Tab stop buttons B) View buttons C) Split buttons D) Indicators E) None of above 9. That’s a logical response to the (possibly apocryphal) reports that 80% of the requests for new features in Office are for features that already exist. have a peek here

How do I undo in Word 2007? MS-Word automatically moves the text to the next line when it reaches the right edge of the screen and is called? [A] Carriage Return [B] Enter [C] Word Wrap [D] None C.  A process of bulk printing addressed envelopes. 8. What is the shortcut key for “Subscript” the selected text?

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The big question now is whether Office customers will be willing to step up to the table and play along. Change Case makes conversion permanent but All Caps on Font can always be reverted d. You cannot close MS Word application by A) Choosing File menu then Exit submenu B) Press Alt+F4 C) Click X button on title bar D) From File menu choose Close

Alt + C c. What is the shortcut key for “Find and Replace” dialog box? What is the shortcut key for “Font” dialog box? Ms Office Questions And Answers For Competitive Exams toolbar 86.

None of Above 59. Ms Office Questions And Answers Pdf Download Ctrl + F9 c. a. 1-inch left, right, top, and bottom b. 1.25-inch left, right, top, and bottom c. 1.25-inch left and right margins and 1-inch top and bottom d. 1-inch left and right margins Ctrl + Shift + – Posted in MICROSOFT WORD Questions and Answers Post navigation ←100 TOP COMPUTER FUNDAMENTAL Questions and Answers200 TOP HTML and WEB PAGE DESIGNING Questions and Answers→ 17

a. Microsoft Word Questions And Answers For Test We're likely finished building galleries for features and finished hooking up Live Preview. Becareful when you delete text from a document, because after you deleted or choose Cut, the data is gone and you cannot get it back. Uppercase on Change Case dialog box and All Caps on Fonts dialog box both converts selected text into Capital Letters.

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Discuss A.  Combining your company's mailroom with email technology. Still, there’s plenty of new stuff to go around, including an easy way to add equations to Word documents, some amazing conditional formatting tools in Excel, and a slew of easy-to-access Ms Word 2007 Objective Questions And Answers Pdf a. Ms Word Questions a.

Ctrl + L c. http://puchinet.com/questions-and/question-about-win-7.php Smart Tags as you type 45. Then, click the Insert menu and choose Symbol (or click the Format menu and choose Paragraph) to add the symbol or paragraph to AutoCorrect. Times New Roman b. Basic Ms Word Questions And Answers

A) 1" B) 1.25" C) 1.5" D) 2" 17. File menu b. It will take 2 minutes. Check This Out Auto text b.

The product matrix is much more confusing than the equivalent mix of Office 2003 editions; in particular, I expect potential buyers to be confused by the decision to drop Outlook from Ms Word 2007 Practical Questions And Answers Nantongo margret 4 months ago Reply how do we know answers Am confused Brandii Souza 1 month ago Press answer at the end of each question akjangra 4 months ago Reply A _________ is a popular design element used to begin in a newsletter, magazine or other publication.

None of above 24.

By Double Click on the Format Painter Icon c. Office Forms Server 2007 (or just "Forms Server") 16 True or False: Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 runs on 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows? It is not possible to convert a symbol or multiple lines of text into an AutoCorrect entry. Ms Word Short Questions And Answers Single spacing in MS-WORD document causes ____ point line spacing?

How can you make the selected character superscripted a. These MS Word MCQs with Answers PDF will help you for various competition exams, interviews and entrance exams. 1. The interaction design of the Mini Toolbar, and the general look and feel of the Office menu and Options dialog boxes are very similar to how they will be in the http://puchinet.com/questions-and/question-one-xp-cd.php The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

Shadow 33. A preview in a full screen b. How many ways you can save a document? The ____________ indents only the first line in a paragraph.

A character that is raised and smaller above the baseline is known as [A] Raised [B] Outlined [C] Capscript [D] Superscript Answer: D. What is a portion of a document in which you set certain page formatting options? subdocuments c. Both of above d.

The spike a. double-click the INS status indicator on the status bar 78.