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A phrases that basically means 'walk your walk back back' Is it acceptable for an internal HR site to run over HTTP? Personally, I currently run with a 120GB SSD for boot and windows duties and a 4 disk, 4TB raid-5 on a Perc 5/i (with battery backup) and a WD green for a. For example, if you have 4 HDDs with 250GB each in RAID5, one of those HDDs is dedicated to parity so you really only get use of three drives so 750GB http://puchinet.com/questions-and/raid-test-question.php

I'd also appreciate if anyone had any suggestions as far as brands or models if it makes much of a difference. Mirroring View Answer Answer:c 5. What conditions would prevent the possibility of human-made satellites orbiting a habitable planet? adding the card costs you $520 that you dont really see any benefit from, plus introduces a single point of failure.

Raid Questions And Answers

Vice versa I expect that a good controller with BBU and RAID6 level will do better. 2) If you use striping (RAID 0) then yes, the OS should see a single How can I build a door to repel a horde of zombies? Personally, I currently run with a 120GB SSD for boot and windows duties and a 4 disk, 4TB raid-5 on a Perc 5/i (with battery backup) and a WD green for I used to have 4x2TB in RAID0 and the performance was just stunning (not to mention capacity).

The tiny CPU on that board is obviously not capable of ... Browse other questions tagged 16.04 raid compatibility or ask your own question. If you want to spend cash on SSD's and have some batshit-insane storage (and trust me, I'm totally on board with that), go with a few 1TB Samsung 840 EVO's and The Indexes That Sort And Store The Data Rows In The Table Or View Based On Their Key Values Are Go with hard raid.

No Parity c. Which One Of These Is Characteristic Of Raid 5? Otherwise Win 7 Pro. what does it being a "business server" have to do with anything? Edit2: Addressing your questions: 1.What do they do?

An SSD will beat two striped HDDs when it comes to performance, and it's cheaper a decent RAID controller (not counting the HDDs). The Physical Location Of A Record Is Determined By A Mathematical Formula That Transforms Possibly, but it wouldn't be worth it to me. All Rights Reserved. If the integrated circuit die is very small what is the role of the extra circuit packaging?

Which One Of These Is Characteristic Of Raid 5?

I have sole custody of my child but the child's father's brother claimed him as a tax deduction I'm a palindrome. pcie raid-controller asked Oct 16 '16 at 8:12 Stilez 1313 0 votes 0answers 15 views Is there an Production disk controller that has its BIOS password protected? Raid Questions And Answers I'm pretty sure you will be happy. Raid Interview Questions And Answers In Linux Its actually $175, heres what its labeled as. "LSI00328_LSI MegaRAID 9271-4i PCIExp 3x8 Low Prof SATA SAS RAID" Sound like what I need?

But Maybe that was bad information Source? (10char) I havent used the series in question (1100), but the R610's are not that much more and they are very solid. check over here It's never a "bad" thing to have, and as you say, may make some customers feel better. Can we build a world in 1,000 years? Posts 2,607 RAID controller questions 1.What do they do? 2. A Transaction Completes Its Execution Is Said To Be

By registering you'll gain: - Full Posting Privileges. - Access to Private Messaging. - Optional Email Notification. - Ability to Fully Participate. - And Much More. What is the minimum number of disks required for RAID1? RAID 0 doesn't help you at all. his comment is here I keep my system on 24/7.

Once you start pushing about 1.5gb/s which you'll hit with 3 of those drives the controller will run out of steam. Select * From R Where Gender = ’f’ And Income Level = ’l2’; Reply With Quote 2014-02-14,12:12 AM #9 Skum View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads Field Marshal Join Date Mar 2009 Posts 86 Firstly; if you want to setup Just make sure you have a decent back up mechanism in place.

Short answer: No (as long as you keep it nice and clean) Long answer: Technically, keeping things on all the time WILL shorten it's lifespan, which is just how electronics work,

You'd then have the NAS box backup important stuff daily to tape (still used everywhere in industry, with good reason) or hourly with some form of journaling/incremental backup if it was There has been discussion about the legitimacy of those cards (fakes and lacking the true performance and other rumors). more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Raid Interview Questions And Answers In Windows Server 2008 Will leaving the PC running all the time damage/shorten the lifespan of the components?

Although my ZFS raid is not completely optimal with the number of drives I have, I have found this to be an excellent setup for the vast majority of my file RAID1 is where you data is duplicated. Remove rounded nuts/bolts from wheel on old bike What is a city like after a hundred years or so of neglect? weblink Hardly enough time for a prelude.

Distributed Parity b. At that point adding more disks just doesn't help.