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Why are only some places haunted? I’ve been living in my house for my whole life I’m 17 and just recently weird things have been happening… but just to me. The Secrets to Photographing Real Ghosts True stories of ghost encounters from around the world. Every House I Move To Is Haunted Ghosts and Undertakers Can Ghosts Leave Gifts? http://puchinet.com/questions-to/question-for-my-bro.php

Hearing Your Name Called Children Seeing Ghosts A Case of Psychic Visions - Images Spirits Ghosts Visiting Memory Imprint On New House Sleep Paralysis Disorder and Demons Spirits Question Why Don't Why are all These Strange things Happening to Me and What Can I Do? Were you ever touched or physically harmed by a ghost or "spirit"? Sign In Now Sign in to follow this Followers 0 Go To Topic Listing Ghosts, Hauntings & The Paranormal Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this page.

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I cannot watch movies that are sad because I start sobbing hysterically. Orbs are round often semi-transparent balls of light that are frequently photographed. Do you think we can feel if a ghost is near by us by the changes in the weather? We stopped and set down on side of hill.

Thanks! Of course, visual sight is the most convincing but least reported phenomena. Do ghosts continue to haunt areas with no people? Superstitions Questions Answers GotQuestions.org - Bible Questions Answered - Site Map

What do you think are some ways of developing these abilities? Ghost Experts Questions You might also enjoy: Sign up There was an error. Planetary Alignment & Ghosts Solar Storms & Ghosts Ghosts & Peripheral Vision Stress & Ghosts Ghosts & Ley Lines? I have been having really strange dreams since I was about 5 or six years old.

Everbody said they could tell he had a uniform on but did not no if it was Spanish or Civil War uniform. Questions Based On Superstition Edit Phixius Question: Who is the lady who looks at Sam during the funeral scene? Is My House Haunted? Do good ghosts exist?" More » • Footsteps and voices: What is going on? "We are sure we have something in our house and could really do with your help," says

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What reasons might ghosts haunt? For example, there are haunted abandoned buildings far from any civilization (such as in Antarctica), but do these ghosts only show up to haunt only when people are around? Paranormal Questions And Answers On television, paranormal investigators always do investigations at night, with all the lights turned off. 4. Superstitions Discussion Questions What is a Watcher?

Have you ever felt that you knew a ghost that you saw?(like a grandparent or other relative) Superstitions Do you think that there is truth behind superstitions? this contact form Have you ever come in contact with a ghost? (Have you ever seen a ghost?) If one of your friends told you they had seen a ghost, would you believe him/her? While Hollywood has often portrayed some spirits as evil or malicious, I have not come across anything harmful in my 30+ years of research. There _are_ ghosts everywhere, most just are not so bound to this place (but han't moved on yet either, so that most people can't see them (or identify, if they saw, Questions To Ask About Superstitions

Haha. 3. Muddy road and farther back than i remembered. When watching paranormal investigations, investigators tend to ask questions in English, even if the reported haunting is in a country where English isn't spoken. 3. http://puchinet.com/questions-to/question-isp-or-me.php It is believed that 'ghosts' or 'spirits' will attach to a location in the event that either they have 'unfinished business' or if their death was particularly 'emotional'.

This is a very important question because if it... Questions To Ask Ghosts Our Story Advertise With Us Site Map Help Write for About Careers at About Terms of Use & Policies © 2017 About, Inc. — All rights reserved. After that nothing else.

I personally believe that a ghost cannot be any more harmful than the person was in real life.

There are some real ghost questions that can have more than one answer and for others, perhaps, an answer hasn't been found yet. All Activity Board Index Unexplained Mysteries Ghosts, Hauntings & The Paranormal Ghost Questions Back to Top Cookie Information Privacy Policy Rules Contact ( desktop ) Unexplained-Mysteries.com Community Software by Invision Power Ghost In A Bottle? Questions About Paranormal Activity Why?

I’m scared and confused and my parents don’t understand. Some wonder, "Can cats see ghosts?" This is due in... It was a powerful forearm strike. http://puchinet.com/questions-to/question-on-new-music-cd.php If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, your house might be haunted and you should contact a research group or paranormal investigator.

Human beings are innately aware of the spiritual world. The closest biblical example of a “haunting” is found in Mark 5:1-20.