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Quick Question: Windows 2000 Fonts

see more linked questions… Related 1How should I deploy an MFC application?1Let my MFC dialog receive keystroke events before its controls (MFC/Win32 equivalent of WinForms “KeyPreview”)4Input Box in an MFC CWinApp And I'm a stickler for details (in case you couldn't tell). You should now have the full display of font book, listing all the fonts installed on the system. See the MS Windows install instructions. Check This Out

CH000141 Where can I get TweakUI for Microsoft Windows? Then when done select Element->Generate Fonts, turn off outline font generation (unless you also want an outline font, of course), and select the desired bitmap format. What is the opposite of Cancel? FontForge does not do this, but I have written a companion program, mensis (Latin for: "to or for, by, with or from tables") which gives you bit access to tables.

Suppose instead that you have an outline font that you draw at 12 points. Why doesn't FontForge let me edit an '.mf' file? Who killed this Forsaken in The Fires of Heaven?

When I use Element->Build->Build Accented Glyph to build accents over "u" or "y" I get the accent over one of the stems not centered on the glyph. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the FontForge will generate flex hints in situations where it is appropriate to do so. This will launch WinZip Dependent upon the age of WinZip software, you will see one of the following button "I agree" or "Use Evaluation Version" Click on whichever button appears (Most

The pointsize is not based on the sizes of any of the glyphs of the font. You build up certain data structures that X needs, and you tell X to include this directory in your font path. There is also a measurement scheme based on the x-height of the glyphs. It would be annoying if someone did that, a bit rude in my eyes, but I'm not going to say "no".

And hence, this should install fine on Windows... How do I tell fontforge about a new encoding? I found that half the things I wrote never happened, and most of the time I didn't bother to update the page. Look at the images and figure out how they map to unicode (or more precisely what the appropriate postscript names are for those characters).

CH001021 How do I change the Recycle Bin icon? Click here to join today! I like to make things that -- in some strange definition are beautiful. How can I make the font of my dynamically created CEdit controls looking like the default (the lower example)?

If you claim the screen is smaller (in inches or centimeters) than it actually is, ff will use a bigger font. his comment is here Suggestions are welcome (but there's no guarantee they'll be implemented). Even though you haven't changed anything in this session, FontForge may need to (re)generate hinting information on one or several glyphs (if, for example those glyphs have been changed (in an It happens automagically.

Instead, you're supposed to specify the DS_SHELLFONT flag, which Raymond talks about here. Previously, I was using tmHeight+tmExternalLeading for the number of pixels between the tops of consecutive rows of text, as is documented. PostScript (type1, PostScript OpenType, type2, etc.) fonts can express non-integral coordinates in the font format -- but it takes a lot more space in the font file. this contact form So don't ask me what will happen next, because I don't know either.

Microsoft Microsoft company contact information. Also, it shows many informational messages, like: I0040 Not an OpenType table, contents not validated This table type is defined in the Apple TrueType spec. Tips Microsoft Windows tips.

I'm appending this to my question to see if anyone can explain what I obviously don't understand. -- ammendment 2 -- 1: All documentation I can find says that tmHeight+tmExternalLeading should

CH000961 Windows STOP: unknown hard error with the ntdll.dll file. Not the answer you're looking for? To be honest, I haven't really heard a good solution to this problem yet. The kerning information is stored in either the 'kern' or 'GPOS' tables of these fonts and FontForge can read them (Apple has made a number of extensions beyond the original truetype

Now... CH000930 How do I determine what version of Windows I'm using? Now someone might take a small piece of fontforge and use it in something else. http://puchinet.com/quick-question/quick-question-about-windows-search.php FontForge knows how to read both of these formats and can extract a postscript or truetype font from either.

CH000877 How do I change my Windows screensaver? Section 2.5.1, `Additional font-file details', may give more info on things. > constant "pings" if I switch on "Complain missing fonts". On linux I don't know that there is a general consensus. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up In Win7 some fonts don't work like they did in Win2K/XP Ask Question up vote 6 down vote favorite 2 My question

Then external to the font is an additional resource (a cmap) which provides the encoding for the font (and can support really grungy encoding schemes like SJIS), by mapping a sequence What can I do about it? That's why activating clipping works (but it is SLOW!) The extra varied by font and NEVER, EVER existed with .FON fonts, only with fixed-width true type fonts. (I don't support variable So, if the DPI virtualization from 96 DPI to 96 DPI is not working for my fixed-width true type fonts, then Windows has a problem, right?

Why isn't FontForge written in C++? (or Why C++ is not my favorite language) Why do I release FontForge under the BSD license and not GPL? Even then I will try to insure that fontforge will run if the library is not present on a system. You can also use straight ttf and otf files (ie. They weren't designed to be compact but to be legible.

How do I make FontForge use flex hints? Fewest (distinct) characters for Turing Completeness Should all authors on a paper be comfortable explaining every aspect of the paper? Mouse Computer mouse help and support.