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Radeon 9800 Destroying Power Connectors?

BUY the ATI Ask a new question Read More Graphics Cards Geforce PCI Express Graphics Product Related Resources x2603 dell ati radeon 9800 vs geforce 9400 gt Nvidia geforce 9400gt 2gb now people are dying and everything. have you even looked at any screens? now they want two of them! http://puchinet.com/radeon-9800/radeon-9800-pro.php

Once you try to install the driver, a memory conflict shows up. Thanks for the info! 31 answers Last reply Feb 25, 2010 More about radeon 4830 geforce 9400 mactronixMar 15, 2009, 8:36 PM A 4830 will totally destroy a 9400. plz dont tell me that 9400 not good.i already buyed it.comparing 4830 how good is it cheesesubsNov 11, 2009, 9:50 PM rmthompson said: If I have to buy a different power AGP 1.5V Motherboard 1.5V keyed Supports only 1.5V signaling.

no, of course not, i never said such a thing, but as i said, if the r420 performs 12/16 (12 pipelines to 16) the number of pixel operations per cycle, and so it can do alot. fuck, why havent they just made the 28 pipeline processor that runs at 16 gigahertz???? 28*16,000mhz 448 billion pixels per second.

hey nvidia are you listening?!?!?! i am not willing to pay much more than $100 for a video card possibly up to $150 - by jz great (4:07pm est wed apr 14 2004)now all we have

AGP 3.0 added support for 0.8 volt signaling but it did not add a new kind of slot. By the time that the new game is out, your video card will still be able to handle it, perhaps at lower settings but newer video cards that offer higher performance As long as they obey the AGP spec, you cannot damage anything by plugging a video card into a motherboard. CHRISTLUBASMay 22, 2009, 5:30 PM JAYDEEJOHN said: No, its the 9600 and the 4670. 4830 vs 9800GT =.

But there are two pieces of information which they're missing: nobody makes AGP 3.0 cards, and nobody makes AGP 3.0 motherboards. I have a 19 inch wide HANNSpree monitor.My computer model is an HP A6700y if that helps. Sure, it may have more memory, but every other factor will limit the card performance in comparison. sims and CS:S are very light on the graphics card and you don't need a 4830 for them, even though I would recommend getiing something better than a 9400 which a

Gaming PC Budget High-End Extreme HTPC - SFF Gaming PC Budget: $300-500 Mainstream: $600-1100 High-End: $1800 Workstation Entry-Level: $600+ Mainstream: $1150-1800+ High-End: $4000-$10000+ Q&A Additional Resources Blogroll Glossary Sitemap What is If the card has both slots then it can use both signaling voltages. Universal AGP Motherboard Universal Supports both 3.3V and 1.5V signaling. all in all, having a higher clock speed is good for churning out numbers, and if ati releases their gpu with 1.5x the clock speed of the nvidia one, then even

High-end motherboards are often actually AGP Pro motherboards because they can accept both AGP cards and AGP Pro cards. anyway, i think ati makes better products. - by ted ted, (7:09am est mon apr 19 2004)i got a radeon 9800 pro 128mb also. i suppose for the case-modder that really just has to "have it all", then these are no more expensive than any of the other toys that they get. [wouldn't you like So wrong and so unhelpful.

To the OP. his comment is here there are no limiting factors, and its all a matter of time before new tech evolutionizes gpu manufacturing and performance. you might argue that you are getting it for the next-gen games because they will run at low fps. the ram on this thing is what, 800mhz?

You can support Hardware Revolution by making a donation, by clicking here or using the button. trust me dudes stick with your current graphic card till we see who gonna kick other butt :) i bet $100 ati gonna make nvidia cry cuz nvidia try to attract there's a problem with punctuation in here, isn't there? ' - by tenjac agp speed (10:58am est sat apr 17 2004)the agp 8x transfer rate runs at 533 mhz, with 66 http://puchinet.com/radeon-9800/radeon-9800.php but yeah, i agree totally that they need a smaller, cheaper line of gpus in order to keep selling the cards that count, the mid-low end cards that are bought in

re: marco albertini (10:33am est thu apr 15 2004)you have a problem with sexy girls? byesanny. if you get a midrange card for $150 to $200, then you can get a newer one later when the next-gen games are actually out!

then it would be quite fast computer and the average performane of cpu on all works will increase by a lot of factors.

and the hardware encoder and decoder for video (hd video) is fully programable. A higher number there means that the video card is based on a more recent generation, which always brings in improvements over the previous generation. 4850: The second number refers to master and target. we were all talking about pci express, not pci-x (completely different :p ).

will it run 1440x900? My mainboard has a AGP Pro slot, with a power connector right beside the slot. Universal AGP Card Double slotted Supports 3.3V and 1.5V signaling. navigate here you see you failed to read my post and the fact that i said "theoretical peak" a lot.