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Random Hardware Resets


I did end up getting a new battery, didn't fix the problem, new motherboard, still didn't solve the problem, but when i got a new graphics card, it worked. thanks Basic Input Output System - Is what it says--provides means for software and hardware to communicate seamlessly. This is the most likely due to 2 reasons: first, one of the times the computer crashed, it was using a very RAM intensive program; second, I'm technically overclocking my RAM. If you have multiple drives & devices and a power supply that is getting on a bit then that would be my first guess for causing the reboot. navigate here

Personal Open source Business Explore Pricing This repository Sign in or Sign up Watch 47 Star 94 Fork 11 QubesOS/qubes-issues Code Issues 650 Pull requests 0 Projects 3 Pulse Graphs Although this may be nice for errors that do not occur often, users who have a re-occurring error may want to identify the error to troubleshoot it. If nothing else, it will let you eliminate it as a variable. Stop....read this first"Ram problems These can be a bit trickier, but generally: 1.

Computer Randomly Restarts Windows 7

CrippleCaptain6 years [email protected]_face_mcgee:Here is some info on capicitors for youhttp://www.capacitorlab.com/failure-modes/index.htm. I don't want to spend a significant amount of money or time on a fix if there's no easy way to test that it worked, if any.Out of curiosity, is Memtest86+ Regardless of proficient and competent digital security solutions, malwares are intended to find a loophole and intrude into a system. I might do a ghost then reinstall...

Reboot the computer and enter CMOS setup when the computer begins to boot up. it always reset's its self and if u nudged the table it would also reset...... lane6 years [email protected]_face_mcgee: A new power supply. Hardware Monitoring Program lane6 years [email protected]_face_mcgee: I don't see why not.

Scan disk, de-fragment, and most importantly, format and reinstall the OS often (every six months to a year preferably).________________________ If I remember what I forgot, I have not forgotten it. Computer Randomly Restarts Windows 10 First one is that windows would appear to hang and then the machine would reboot and the main hard drive would not appear on the BIOS POST screen so that got In my case the drive failed to appear after reboot but yours could be able to recover during the reboot. If the computer does not reboot after idling in CMOS and you have tried the other solutions on this page, you can try activating a previous restore point in Windows before

Stop....read this first!Hi there, can you tell me what WHQL is? Pc Randomly Restarts During Games Memtest86+ is a widely used diagnostics tool for RAM. my Linux proficiency: low-medium Member marmarek commented Mar 24, 2016 I assume you've excluded obvious things like overheating? If your using XP disable it's "Automatically restart on system error" setting.

Computer Randomly Restarts Windows 10

my favorite trick!---- FX-55, 2x 1GB GSkill, X1800XT (512MB), 2x250GB RAID-0, DFI SLI-D http://www.gandmpc.com <-My 'project' http://www.knownpsycho.com <-Web games! Ask ! Computer Randomly Restarts Windows 7 SkpstrJan 7, 2014, 6:15 PM It's just a guess, I don't know a whole lot. Computer Randomly Restarts No Blue Screen Also, a bad driver can also cause problems, so it might be a good idea to reinstall the drivers.  Also, when you Overclock your GPU -  check the manual.

My last guess would be the PSU. check over here Can anyone help me to found the problem ??? ‘Must Know’ Windows 8 Tips and Tricks How to Optimize a Slow Running Windows 7 PC Home Registry Recycler Blog Terms of solved Computer shutting down randomly suspected power supply solved Signs of a dying power supply?(random restarts) solved Computer shuts off randomly. solved Computer Randomly Shutsdown and then Restarts or Powers off and Can't be powered on for a while Computer Randomly Restarts After Power Outage/Surge solved Computer Randomly Shutting Off, I believe Computer Randomly Restarts When Playing Games

micro Apr 11, 2006, 02:33am EDT Report Abuse Private Message - Add to Buddy List >>Re: Random Reboots? Your reset could be because your computer is near max wattage which is kinda unlikely for computers these days but use the PSU calculator from thermaltake and see where you're at. Computer randomly turns off, is this a power supply issue? http://puchinet.com/randomly-restarts/random-restarting.php Stop....read this first!Another thing that could be happening is you are blacking out, and then spastically pressing the reboot button.

BrinNutz Apr 06, 2006, 05:44pm EDT Report Abuse Private Message - Add to Buddy List Edited: Apr 07, 2006, 09:13am EDT >>Re: Random Reboots? Laptop Randomly Restarts Fix: Windows 10/8/7 Hangs or Freezes Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit helps you test the hardware List of Windows Bug Check or Stop Error Codes PC Stress Test free software for Windows If not, is there such a magical software so I can verify you guys' beliefs that it's not RAM-related?Also, would it be best to turn off SpeedStep when running Prime95 or

I wasn't watching it, but my RAM utilization tends to get up to 85-95 percent during the preview rendering.

Related Resources solved Need help. I ran Prime95 for long enough to complete 3 tests (since I didn't know how many it should run). At this situation, you are required to inspect the virtual and physical settings of your hardware devices, and make sure these are set up appropriately. Computer Randomly Restarts When Idle After you have loaded the computer into the CMOS setup, let the computer idle for a few minutes.

jmicron raids are pretty shitty Fish_Face_McGee6 years [email protected]:At this point, going RAID-less would involve having to reinstall Windows because it houses all of my data and the majority of my programs, The hardware could be 99% perfect but it's that 1% that gets you. This post covers computer reboots and freezes which may be caused due to your hardware and offer possible troubleshooting steps. weblink Run a virus and spyware scan.

If it’s a Laptop then it’s best to take it to a local PC repair shop. Now, this is where it gets confusing. It restarts when I run Diablo III, when I use steam to download a new game, It has restarted when I was running Hearthstone. Update your antivirus solution with the latest virus definitions Create a Bootable Rescue Drive using one of the trustworthy antivirus applications Turn Off and Back On your computer to boot from

Take the side panel off of the case, and set up a desk fan to blow air into the case. Experience from previous -non-blue-screen shutdowns , (with very rare shutdowns) was the the graphics card overheating.In this case I think my card is just getting old! I monitor my cpu and MB temp and everything is ok..I remove my 6 gb of ram and put only 1 stick and run memtest on each with no problem.I unplug No? •ExtremA, a reference class-A DIY amplifier. •NuForce Reference 8 amplifier, debunking the myth? •Velleman K8020 high-end tube preamplifier. •Updates, updates and some more info Newsletter A weekly newsletter

Please note, not to close the command prompt until the scan is completed. Those who manage to do so are definitely capable to cause some serious damage. It's remotely possible that it's the GPU but those tend to blue screen. External devices:  Sometimes a faulty external device like a USB Camera, Mouse, Keyboard, Gaming control etc.

However, would if be possible for you to run something like System Monitor to log your memory usage when playing things like Civ 5? another option is to check bios and set the minimum speed lower or disable the protective mode all together (not recommended). If not, then if it is covered by warranty, send for RMA. If a matrix commutes with a set of other matrices, what conclusions can be drawn?

The good thing is you'll gain some valuable experience out of it. I watched a few YouTube videos without problems, but I was watching a video on Windows Media Player and it restarted. Although, Windows tries to rectify the errors by itself no matter how complicated these are, there are still some matters non-detectable by it. While playing games, computers have to maintain a quick response attitude.

More >> You Are Here: / Forums / FAQ / Random Reboots? From the Desktop, right-click on My Computer. These bugs are subjected to be treated by the developer in a released version.